Concealed behind wrought iron garden gates

There are lots of ideas of a secret yard and lots of locations that assert to have them, from quiet London squares to the more well-known “visitor attractions”.
garden gate
On a domestic level, it could describe a small back garden with a rustic arbor close old vine or an ultra modern den surrounded by tree ferns for a home worker. However the enduring picture of a secret garden, to me at least, is the description in Frances Hodgson Burnett’s book of an old ivy-covered door with which can be glimpsed an overgrown increased garden.

When he first sees it, the kid Dickon describes it “as if a body was in a dream”. Whatever the design, size and shape, all secret gardens need to perhaps make us feel, similar to Dickon and young Mary Lennox in the book, that something wonderful has actually occurred when you enter this space; that you are “shut out of the world in some fairy location”.

No 2 yard designers would probably agree on exactly what makes a garden so secret. Some will certainly state it is surprises and others will have the tendency to the standard idea of an enclosed personal area.

Caroline Knight, a designer with Perfect Plants (perfectplants. co. uk) based in Herstmonceux, East Sussex, says: “The nature of a secret garden is its privacy, or a minimum of its illusion of seclusion. There are few of us who are lucky sufficient to have a walled garden which may make sure seclusion however we can recreate the experience of seclusion by the smart use of plants.”.

Caroline recommends that creating yard departments with such hedging as hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) or, even better, the evergreen yew (Taxus baccata), as was done at Sissinghurst.

She adds: “Include an intelligently overlapping entry space which will be undetectable from a distance and your secret yard on the far side is yours to create how you want.”.

Secret definitely has nothing to do with size. Caroline states: “Even small yards have prospective for secrecy. Tuck a bench seat on the limit and use tall growing such as decorative yards or flowering perennials to conceal it from view. A few stepping stones will certainly be the only idea about the presence of a tiny secret yard offering an undisturbed read.”.

The RHS is running a series of Secret Garden Sundays at its London HQ Lindley Hall, in Vincent Square. Next Sunday will certainly be dedicated to coastal plants and designs. A Secret Garden Christmas Unique will be hung on November 2.
Leading 5 walled yards in Britain.

Plants at Alnwick Garden in Northumberland include a caution [ALAMY]
Sissinghurst Castle Gardens, Kent.

World-famous Sissinghurst was grown by Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicholson, who prepared the architectural yew-lined spaces and the much-loved White Yard. uk.

The Garden Gates Home, Oxfordshire.

Concealed behind wrought iron garden gates, the yards of this period cottage in the heart of Oxfordshire include a covert lawn area enclosed by a mature box and yew hedge, another hidden courtyard and a captivating herb yard close to the cooking area.

On the market with John D Wood priced at £ 400,000, the three-bedroom Yard Cottage in Middleton Stoney is found at the end of a row of homes on a corner plot and includes a covert rear courtyard area. Cheap garden gates are available at or more expensive and ornamrental ironwork from

The Chelsea Physic Garden.

Founded in 1673 by the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries to study the medical qualities of plants this is now among the most important centres of botany on the planet. uk.

metal gateToxin Yard, Alnwick Garden, Northumberland.

Discover the killers in your own backyard in the Toxin Yard at Alnwick and hear the misconceptions, legends and stories about poppies, belladonna, laburnam and foxgloves.

The Secret Gardens of Sandwich.

Commemorating 100 years, the Secret Gardens of Sandwich surrounded by the city walls surround the Grade I-listed The Salutation manor home, made by Sir Edwin Lutyens. visitkent. co. uk.

Scampston Walled Yard, North Yorkshire.

Designed by Dutch meadow mastermind Piet Oudolf, this is the location to study modern yard planning. Modern perennial meadow plantings are a certain feature. scampston. co. uk.

On the market: House with secret gardens.

Location Court, Devon.

A thatched cob walled garden is an excellent rarity today, and one that encloses 1.5 acres of gardens is even more uncommon. Place Court, a Grade II \* provided house has other tricks, including a chapel hid off the major bed room reputed to have actually been where Sir Walter Raleigh, born in close-by Hayes Barton, was christened.

The manor was built as the country seat of the Dean of Exeter and dates in a large part back to the 13th century. It was owned by the church for 750 years. The primary house, well remodelled, has four rooms and there is a different converted barn forming a threebedroom annexe as well as a detached two-bedroom mews home.

Place Court, at Colaton Raleigh, is on the market with estate representative Wilkinson Grant priced at £ 2million. wilkinsongrant. co. uk / 01392 427 500.

No 14 The Green, Suffolk.

How about this for a surprise: a confined yard filled almost entirely by a concealed heated swimming pool in Hadleigh, near Ipswich? It features a good-looking 16th-century removed house which needs some modernisation but provides great deals of accommodation consisting of a kitchen with Aga, home office, three receptions and 3 bedrooms.

The property has actually exposed beams and open fireplaces, and is on the marketplace with Fine & Country priced at £ 640,000. fineandcountry. co. uk/01473 289 700.

Roses Bower, Durham.

The name of this home could completely explain The Secret Garden of literature, other than that its yard is completely turned over to vegetables, with raised beds and composting bins, as well as a pond full of fantastic crested newts.

Set in the Tyne Valley, with breathtaking views to The Cheviots and surrounding countryside, the home comes with a large number of outhouses including a workshop, garage and removed barn along with the 15.5 acres of gardens. Your house is a remodelled period building which has actually been extended into its surrounding barn to produce a seven-bedroom estate.

On the market through Corbridgebased Finest Characteristics, offers are invited in the region of £ 1,650,000. finestproperties. co. uk/01434 622 234.

The Glebe, Moray.

This previous manse in the mysterious town of Urquhart, in Moray, started by Scotland’s King David I, dates from 1822 and is probably the work of the designer William Robertson. Both your home and the gardens have been restored considering that the property was offered by the Church of Scotland without any loss of character however with the addition of such comforts vital to the Scottish winters as an Aga and new central heating.

The gardens are especially uncommon and they include a walled garden with a dovecote, and a topiary garden. The property also includes a cottage that is used for vacation lets. The asking price with representative Savills is £ 795,000. visitsavills. co. uk/01356 628 600.

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how to buy a softball glove

Today’s softball gloves feature softer leather, and are more broken-in, than in times past. It’s still important to know how to choose a good one, though.

Step 1
Try gloves on. Avoid buying them through mail order unless you know exactly the model you want.
Step 2

Be prepared to pay between $50 and $150. Buying cheaper gloves is not recommended, as the quality is much lower and they’ll wear out quickly.
Step 3

Be prepared to buy more than one glove.
Step 4

Select gloves depending on the position you play. Infielders have smaller gloves, while those for outfielders are bigger.
Step 5

Buy a specialty glove for each position you play. A catcher’s mitt and pitcher’s glove (lighter weight with a solid ribbing in the back) round out the choices.
Step 6

Ask a knowledgeable salesperson, coach or other expert for help.
Step 7

Care for your glove properly. Make sure it’s oiled but not overly so.
Step 8

Follow the manufacturer’s directions for caring for your glove.

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how to play catcher in softball

Before signing up for this position, remember that there’s a reason a catcher wears so much equipment. There’s nothing quite like being on the receiving end of a pitch and having bats swung about your head. But for the dedicated folk, this can be a position with a lot of action and responsibility.

Wear the correct safety equipment. This should include body pads, a face mask and a helmet. The catcher’s mitt is a different kind of glove, with more padding. You’ll need it as the balls come hurling in.
Step 2

Squat behind home plate with your weight on the balls of your feet. Put your left foot slightly ahead of the right, then round your back and chin toward your chest. “Catchers need to be able to move laterally, quickly,” says Ray VanderMay, women’s softball coach at Seton Hall University.
Step 3

Bring your glove up to catch the pitch, keeping your throwing hand in a fist behind the glove to avoid injury.
Step 4

Set a target for the pitcher with your glove. You should be able to reach anywhere in the strike zone with your arm. If the ball is out of the strike zone, you’ll have to move to catch it.
Step 5

Catch the ball when it is pitched. If you can’t catch it, at least block it. Any runners on base will be able advance while you are trying to get things under control.
Step 6

Throw the ball back to the pitcher accurately – again to keep the base runners where they belong.
Step 7

Watch for the batter’s weaknesses and let the pitcher know where to put the ball.
Step 8

Throw off your mask when trying to catch a fly ball at home plate. You’ll be able to see the ball a lot better and avoid head injuries when it comes back to earth.
Step 9

Cover home plate when someone is running in to score – catch the ball and tag the runner out. Hold on tight – players often slide into the catcher to try and dislodge the ball.

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nagaaa 2010 gay softball world series

We can’t wait for everyone to experience the week long party that comes with the 5,000 players and fans at the NAGAAA 2010 Gay Softball World Series to be held August 13-21. It’s hard to describe the immensity of the event, but we can promise you that it’s going to be huge for the city and guaranteed to be fun for everyone.
BUT, we can’t pull off this big party without your help! We hope to harness the energy and pride from June to help us show visitors from across the US and Canada what Columbus has to offer.

Here is one way you can be a part of the excitement: Volunteer!
There are 1,200 3-4 hour shifts that need to be filled throughout the week of the world series, August 13-21. Shifts are various times during the days from morning to night and cover a wide range of opportunities. See all the shifts that are currently available and register on the 2010 GSWS Volunteer website at:

While we would love for you to take multiple shifts, covering just one shift will help us tremendously. Contact your friends and schedule to work your shifts together! Sign-up early to be sure to get the opportunity that you want.


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how to catch a softball

Do you find yourself rooting from the dugout instead of playing? Being able to catch the ball in softball is a skill that can help get you on the field. And though the glove will help you, it won’t do the whole job on its own.

Step 1
Remember that catching the ball is mostly about glove placement. Line up the glove and your body with the ball, placing the pocket of the glove toward the ball.
Step 2

Turn the fingers of the glove up, in line with the throwing shoulder, if the ball is above your waist. Place your throwing hand to the side and behind the glove so that you can fish the ball out quickly and throw it into play.
Step 3

Catch a fly ball, ideally, on your throwing-hand side. Point your fingers toward the sky, with your palm facing the ball. Extend your arm, keeping it bent slightly with the elbow down. A common mistake when catching a fly ball is to lift the elbow.
Step 4

Turn the fingers of the glove down if the ball is below your waist. Place the glove in front of you, between your legs, with your throwing hand to the side and behind the glove. When the ball is cruising along the ground, catch it in front of you, not under you.
Step 5

Remember to bend your elbows when you put the glove out to meet the ball. This will absorb the impact so that it doesn’t hit the glove and bounce out.

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nagaaa women

The North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance, or NAGAAA, is a non-profit, international association of gay and lesbian softball leagues.

NAGAAA was founded in 1977 and currently has 56 member leagues in 35 cities in the United States and Canada. Teams representing these leagues participate in the NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series (GSWS), hosted each year in a different member city.

NAGAAA has two divisions of play – the Open Division, including both men’s teams and mixed-sex teams, and the Women’s Division. Each division has four levels of play, from the competitive A rank through B and C to the purely recreational D teams.

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a guide to slowpitch softball rules

The main softball rules are very simple and easy to understand. Softball rules are even easier to understand if you have any experience of baseball rules or rounders rules. Softball is a sport where you can happily play by just understanding the basic rules. The Lions (or Dave to be precise) have created this complete list of softball rules!


Softball Rules #1: The Basic Game
The game

Slowpitch Softball is played by two teams of ten players each. The teams take it in turns to bat and field. The batting team is called the OFFENSIVE team and the fielding team is called the DEFENSIVE team.

Most Slowpitch Softball is played by mixed teams, where men and women play together in a 5:5 ratio. Slowpitch is sometimes played by single-sex teams as well.

The basics of Softball are very simple. A PITCHER pitches the ball to a BATTER who hits it and runs around as many bases as possible before the ball is retrieved and returned under control by the defensive team.

The aim of the game is to score more RUNS than the opposition and a run is scored when a player on the batting team advances around all three bases and back to the home base (called HOME PLATE) from whence he started. Unless you hit the ball so far that you can run around all the bases before it’s returned (a HOME RUN), you’ll probably have to stop at one or more bases on your way around and wait for the next batter to hit the ball so you can advance further.
Meanwhile, the defensive team is trying to get batters and base runners OUT. As soon as three players on the offensive team have made outs, the two teams switch: The defensive team comes in to bat and the batting team goes out to the field to defend. An inning is completed when each team has batted, and a full game consists of seven innings.

Players bat in a prearranged order (in mixed games men and women bat alternately). After the last batter in the order has hit, the first batter comes up again. If the final out in an inning is made by, say, the fourth batter in the order, then the fifth batter will be the first to hit when the team comes in to bat again. Batters keep their place in the batting order even if they were out last time they batted.
Softball Rules #2: The Playing Area

A Softball playing area is contained within a 90-degree angle, and is usually called a DIAMOND, because the central part of the playing field – the INFIELD – is diamond-shaped. The OUTFIELD extends outward from the infield to a boundary, either actual or notional. From above, the playing area looks like the illustration. A team in the field

The light green area is known as FAIR TERRITORY and is where most of the action takes place. The dark green area is called FOUL TERRITORY, where some action can take place. Everything beyond this is called DEAD BALL TERRITORY because if this ball goes into this area, all action stops. As a basic rule, the batter must hit the ball into fair territory.

You will often hear people referring to LEFT FIELD, CENTRE FIELD and RIGHT FIELD. These terms mean exactly what they say. Left field is that part of the outfield which is to the left as you look at the field diagram; centre field is the outfield area behind second base; and right field is the outfield area to the right on the diagram.

Play begins when the pitcher (1) standing on the PITCHER’S PLATE, tries to pitch the ball across HOME PLATE, a five-sided piece of heavy rubber, guarded by the batter, 50 feet away. Each BASE (First Base, Second Base and Third Base) is marked by a foam filled bag. For safety reasons, FIRST BASE often consists of a double sized base.

Softball Rules #3: The Defensive Team

The job of the defensive team, known as FIELDERS, is to catch or stop any balls hit, with the aim of preventing offensive players from advancing around the bases and scoring runs. Each fielder has specific duties and a specific number, used for score-keeping:

* PITCHER (1): The pitcher pitches the ball to the batter from the pitcher’s plate.
* CATCHER (2): The catcher kneels or squats behind home plate.
* FIRST BASE (3): This is often a busy position, as many balls will be thrown to first base in an attempt to put batters out who are running from home to first.
* SECOND BASE (4): The second base player will guard much of the right side of the infield.
* THIRD BASE (5): The third base player guards the area near third base.
* SHORT STOP (6): The short stop stands between second and third base and tries to stop or catch any ball hit towards left field.


Outfield positions are not quite so rigidly defined as infield positions. In general, however, the LEFT FIELDER (7) will play in left field. The LEFT CENTRE FIELDER (8) will play to the left of the centre field area. The RIGHT CENTRE FIELDER (9) will play to the right of the centre field area. The RIGHT FIELDER (10) will play in right field. The outfielder’s job is to catch or stop balls hit in their direction and return them quickly and accurately to the infield.
Softball Rules #4: Pitching

In Slowpitch Softball, the ball is lobbed underarm and must have an arc which reaches at least six feet and no more than twelve feet from the ground. For a moment, let’s ignore the main object of the game, which is for the batter to hit the ball. Suppose he doesn’t? What happens then?

Strikes and Balls
Between 6 and 12 feet

A pitched ball will be described (by the umpire) as either a STRIKE or a BALL. Basically, a strike is a good pitch and a ball is a bad one.


* Must be pitched from the pitching plate.
* Must have an arc of between 6 and 12 feet from the ground.
* Must not, in the opinion of the umpire, be too fast.
* Must pass between the height of the batter’s knees and back shoulder as he stands at home plate in a normal batting stance.
* Must pass across some part of the Strike Zone.

Some definitions:
The strike zone

* THE STRIKE ZONE is an imaginary three-dimensional column of space corresponding to the shape of home plate. A ball passing through ANY part of this zone is called a strike.
* A STRIKE is a pitched ball which fulfils all of the above conditions. In all other cases, the pitch is a BALL, unless the batter swings at it.
* A STRIKE OUT occurs if three strikes are called against the batter and the batter hasn’t managed to hit the ball into Fair Territory.

A STRIKE is called if:

* a pitch is good and the batter fails to swing, or swings and misses, or swings and hits the ball into Foul Territory (without it being caught) or into Dead Ball Territory
* a pitch is bad (would be deemed a BALL) but the batter swings and misses it

A WALK occurs if:

* A pitcher pitches four BALLS – bad pitches which the batter makes no attempt to hit. In this case the batter will walk to first base.

Softball Rules #5: Batting

Hitting A right-handed batter will stand to the right side of home plate (from the pitcher’s point of view) and a left-handed batter to the left of home plate. Once a batter hits the ball into fair territory, he/she advances counter-clockwise around the bases. If and when you hit the ball into Fair Territory, you must run. You have no choice. You must drop the bat down and run as fast as possible to first base (and on to further bases if you think you can make them safely). Remember that you must touch every base with your foot as you run past it, and when you decide to stop at a base (apart from first base and home plate), you must stop on it, not run past it.

A ball is considered to be FAIR if:

* it lands in the outfield (i.e. in Fair Territory), and then rolls foul.
* it is hit into Foul Territory, but then rolls into Fair Territory before it passes first or third base.
* it hits either first or third base, no matter where it goes afterwards!

A ball is considered to be FOUL if:

* it is hit into the infield (i.e. in Fair Territory) but then rolls foul before it passes first or third base.
* it is hit into Foul Territory outside the infield and then rolls into Fair Territory.

NOTE: A ball touched by a fielder standing in fair territory is FAIR, a ball touched by a fielder in foul territory is FOUL.
Softball Rules #6: Running the Bases

Once you’ve hit the ball you’re forced to run. If you are forced to run to a base, if any defensive player is holding the ball and touches that base with any part of his body, or the ball itself, before you get there, you are OUT. (we’ll explain when you’re forced to run and when you’re not in a moment).
As a base runner you are never safe until you are touching a base. If at any point you are touched with the ball (whether in or out of the glove) by a fielder and you are not safely in contact with a base, you are out. This is called a TAG.

Now we’ll look more closely at when base runners are forced to run and when they’re not, and what fielders have to do in these situations to put runners out:
Force Outs

A batter who hit’s the ball into fair territory is forced to run to first. Let’s suppose that you have made it to first base safely and now the next batter comes up to bat. Remember that you can only advance to second base or beyond if the next batter hits the ball or receives a walk.

However, if the next batter hits the ball into Fair Territory without it being caught in the air, you are forced to run towards second base because the batter-runner is coming to occupy first base and no more than one runner per base is allowed. In any situation where you as a base runner are forced to advance, the defensive team can put you out simply by throwing the ball to a player standing on the base to which you’re advancing. This is called a FORCE OUT (or Force Play). No tag is necessary, although the fielder can choose to tag you while you’re between bases if he wishes.
A force out on first

Let’s suppose that you’re a base runner on first and the next batter hits a ground ball to the short stop. You are forced to run to second, the batter-runner is forced to run to first, and the defensive team has a choice of two possible FORCE OUTS: you or the batter-runner. If they’re feeling ambitious and there are less than two outs, they can go for both of you. If they’re successful, this is called a DOUBLE PLAY. Typically, the short stop would throw the ball to the second base-player standing on second (that puts you out) and the second base-player would throw immediately on to first base. If the throw reaches the first base-player before the batter-runner reaches the base, they too would be out!

Force plays can apply at any base. For example, if there are base runners on all three base’s (this is called BASES LOADED), then all the runners are forced to run on the next hit that isn’t caught in the air, and the fielders could get a FORCE OUT at any base – including home plate.
Tag Outs

You have probably already grasped the point that fielders must TAG OUT runners who are not forced to run; simply standing on the base with the ball won’t do. Say you are the first batter in the inning and you hit a DOUBLE (a hit that allows you get to second base). When the next batter hits the ball and runs toward first, you don’t have to advance if you don’t want to, because no one is coming to occupy your base. if you do choose to head for third, you are UNFORCED and to put you out, a fielder must tag you with the ball in hand or glove before you reach your target base. in fact, you can turn around and run back to the base you came from if that seems a wiser choice; no one is coming to occupy that base and it’s still yours!
Catch Outs (ball is caught in the air)
An outfield catch

Suppose you’re on first base with less than two out and the next batter hits the ball in the air towards an outfielder (this is called a FLY BALL, or, if it’s hit on a low, hard trajectory, a LINE DRIVE). Well, as soon as the outfielder catches the ball before it hits the ground (and the laws of physics tell you this will happen within seconds), then the batter is out – at which point you’re no longer forced to run to second, since there’s no batter-runner coming to occupy first. The force is off.

Instead, you can choose whether to advance to second or not and so the defensive team can’t get you out with a Force Play. They can only get you out by tagging you with the ball: a TAG OUT or Tag Play. That’s why, if the ball is hit in the air towards a fielder when you’re a forced runner, you shouldn’t automatically take off for the next base, because the catch might be made and the force removed.

AND HERE’S THE KEY POINT: you cannot advance to the next base on a caught fly ball unless your foot is in contact with the base you’re already occupying when the catch is made, or afterwards. This is called TAGGING UP. You must tag up before you can advance after a caught fly ball. Why? it’s a rule!

Remember that we said you can overrun first base (or home), but not second and third, where you can be tagged out if you’re not in contact with the base. But running hard and then stopping dead on a small base isn’t easy! One way to do this is to slide the last few feet into the base along the ground, so that you come to rest on or in contact with the base with minimal loss of momentum. Another reason to slide is that you will present a smaller and more difficult target for the defensive player who might be waiting to tag you.

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women and coed slow pitch softball history

Bill Plummer III, Amateur Softball Association (ASA) Hall of Fame Manager, announced his retirement effective as of December 31, 2009 and will be stepping down from the ASA National Office. He is the greatest softball historian of all time. He has written a couple of books on the great history of this game. You can still go to and order them. The first one is the “Softball’s Hall of Famer” book and it chronicles the history of the ASA National Softball of Fame in Oklahoma City and has a bio on all the inductees. The second book is called “The Game America Plays: Celebrating 75 years of the Amateur Softball Association” Bill worked on this book for a long time and it commemorates the ASA’s 75th Anniversary through historical photographs and personal stories. Relive the greatest moments in softball history with this engaging narrative of America’s favorite participation sport. With never-before-published photographs and vignettes from players, umpires, and coaches, this is a must-read for every player, coach and fan of softball. Bill was most deservingly inducted into the ASA Hall of Fame in 1999. This man knows more about Softball History than any man alive in the United States today. He has helped me many times over with information on this site and I want to take the time to thank him for all he’s done for me.

Women and Coed

  • ASA Women’s World Series
  • USSSA Women’s World Series
  • ISA Women’s World Series
  • NSA Women’s World Series
  • SSAA Women’s World Series
  • WSL Women’s North American Championships
  • SSWC Women’s World Championships
  • ISSA Women’s World Championships
  • SSWS Women’s World Championships
  • SPA Women’s National Championships
  • ISF Women’s World Cup
  • HWSG Women’s World Senior Championships
  • NSGA National Senior Games Association (Senior Olympics)
  • USSSA Women’s Speciality World Series
  • ASA Coed National Championships
  • USSSA Mixed World Series
  • ISA Coed World Series
  • NSA Coed World Series
  • SSAA Coed World Series
  • WSL Coed North American Championships
  • Women’s Teams of Honor
ASA Women’s Class-A Slow Pitch Champions
Year	Champion				Runner-up
	Batting Avg. Leader (if known)
	Home Run Leader (if known)
1973	Redford Stingers, Detroit, MI		Goodnough Plumbettes, Monroe, IL
	No MVP awarded
1974 	Seaman's IGA, Athens, OH		Patriots, Cincinnati, OH
	Janeen Sands, Seaman's IGA
1975 	Shamrocks, Winston-Salem, NC		Seaman's IGA, Athens, OH
	No MVP awarded
	Brenda Cough, Shamrocks - 3 HRs
1976 	Rustic Bar, Duluth, MN			Armed Forces, USA
	No MVP awarded
	Fran Hershey, Hoffman Products - .688
1977 	Cotter's Penn Hills, Verona, PA		Hoffman Products, York, PA
	Cindy Dauer, Cotter's Penn Hills
	Laura Disney, Cincinnati Savings - .667
1978 	Stillwater A's, Stillwater, OK	S&B	Construction Raiders, Stockton, CA
	Sadie Atad, S&B Construction Raiders
	Terry Dickey, Darke County Merchants - .654
1979 	Northside K of C, Cincinnati, OH	Straight Arrow, Nashville, TN
	Missy Merroll, Northside Knights of Columbus
	Missy Merroll, Knights of Columbus (18-22) - .818
1980 	Encore, Prince George, VA		Larry's Cabinets, Everette, WA
	Carol Byrd, Encore
	Connie Culbreth, Spartansburg - .750
1981 	Stars, Orlando, FL			Express, Nashville, TN
	Winnie Dodgion, Stars
1982 	Circle K Roadrunners, Tempe, AZ		Frost Cutlery, Chattanooga, TN
	Jennifer Oliver, Frost Cutlery
	Judy Wrather, Stagg's Mustangs - .650
	Jennifer Oliver, Frost Cutlery - 3 HRs
1983 	Somerset, Sacramento, CA		Sonny's BBQ, Tallahassee, FL
	Shelly Van Drimmellen, Somerset
	Cindy Simpkins, Barger Mattson Auto Salvage - .708
	Brenda LaBrum, Barger Mattson Auto Salvage (HR leader)
1984 	Mr A's Express, Sacramento, CA		Sonny's BBQ, Tallahassee, FL
	Pam Katros, Mr A's Express
	Amy O'Conner, Bud Light - .714
	Rhonda Rassmussen, Caddy Shack - 4 HRs
1985 	Tuffie's, Bloomington, MN		Zapata, Muskogee, OK
	Lori McCracken, Tuffie's
	Lynn Anderson, Granite City Dental and Barbara Angy, Bally - .600
	Leslie McCarnie, Bally - 3 HRs
1986 	Comfort Inn, Raleigh, NC		Lotsa Hotsa Pizza, Salt Lake City, UT
	M. Sue Williams, Comfort Inn
	Dee Odem, MPM - .882
	Coleen Lambert, Barger Mattson Auto Salvage - 2 HRs
1987 	Stompers, Richmond, VA			Lady Cougers, Orlando, FL
	Brenda Smith, Stompers
	Jenny Vilderbill, Vernon's - .667
	Brenda Smith, Stompers and Barb Schaaf, Angels - 2 HRs
1988 	Bally's, Orlando, FL			Armed Forces, Nashville, TN
	Yvonne Devlin, Bally
	Barb Angy, Bally's - .696
	Jamie Kuhn, Class Act - 3 HRs
1989 	Bally's, Orlando, FL			Armed Forces, Nashville, TN
	Sheree Patrick, Bally
	Kim Hawkins, The Who - .682
	Regina Millines, Coors Silver Bullets - 2 HRs
1990 	Vernon's C&D, Jacksonville, FL		Armed Forces, Nashville, TN
	Jamie Friedman, Vernon's C&D
	Ellen Colley, Destin Roofing- .700
	Marilynn Miles, Casa Nova's - 3 HRs
1991 	Destin Roofing, Destin, FL		Papa John's Rogues, Louisville, KY
	Tracy Beasley, Destin Roofing
	Jamie Kuhn, Arkansas A's - .667
	Helen Kelcher, Destin and Cathy Bradley, Outburst - 2 HRs
1992 	Drug Free Stars, Millersville, MD	Anderson Auto, Norristown, PA
	Mary Beck, Drug Free Stars
	Sally Maher, Bricker Restaurant - .800
	Mary Beck, Drug Free Stars - 5 HRs
1993 	Destin Roofing, Destin, FL		Jax Posse, Jacksonville, FL
	Tracy Beasley, Destin Roofing
	Maria McMullen, Destin Roofing - .550
	Rachel Stone, Bandits - 2 HRs
1994 	Fletch's, Bowie, MD			Fraley's Wildcats, Lexington, KY
	Carol Lewis, Fletch's
	Kelli Edwards, Fraley's Wildcats- .813
1995 	Doc's, Jacksonsville, FL		Perky Café, Norristown, PA
	Sue Widowson, Jacksonville Doc's
	Mary Gatlin, Doc's and Libby Parish, Lady Stings - .706
	Shirley Cummons, Orthopedic Institute - 2 HRs
1996 	Fletch's Softball Club, Newark, DE	Shooters, Orlando, FL
	Bev Jack, Fletch's
	Lynda Spinazola, Casey's Shell - .575
1997 	Fletch's Softball Club, Newark, DE	Shooters, Orlando, FL
	Carol Lewis, Fletch's
	Kelli Edwards, Fraley's - .706
1998	Orthopedic Institute, Dayton, OH	Fraley's Wildcats, Lexington, KY
	MVP and leaders selected from combined "A" and Major classes
	Sue Ilyes, Lakerettes (Major)
	Michelle Harper, Personal Management (Class-A)- .750
	Wanda Graham, Armed Forces (Major) and Mandy van Dyke, Ortho. Inst. (Class-A) - 5 HRs
1999	Macken/Budweiser, Rochester, MN		Fox Force, Dothan, AL
	Patricia Etchason, Macken
	Angel Floyd, MRC's Shiva - .750
2000	Shooters/Miken, Orlando, FL		Armed Forces/Team USA, San Diego, CA
	Tiffany Daniels, Shooters
	Tonja Russell, Shooters - .769
2001	Armed Forces, Ft Indiantown Gap, PA	Reamstown AA, Reamstown, PA
	Cheryl Trapnell, Armed Forces
	Connie Holifield, Cruisers (Batting Leader)
	Heather Carr, Armed Forces and Abby Thompson, The Oath (HR Leaders)
2002	Armed Forces, Jacksonville, FL		Macken Plumbing, Rochester, MN
	No MVP awarded
	Autumn Brown, Armed Forces - .727
	Heather Carr, Armed Forces - 1
2003	ASA combined the Women's Class Major, Class- A and Class-B into 1 "open' class
ASA Women's Open Class National Championships

ASA Women's Class-B Slow Pitch Champions
Year	Champion
1988	Simpson's NCR, Fairfax, VA
1989 	Nothing But The Truth, Virginia Beach, VA
1990 	Tenn Tom, Columbus, MS
1991 	Portland Reign, Portland, OR
1992 	San Antonio Cannan's, San Antonio, TX
1993 	Hub Chrysler, South Evanston, IL
1994 	Long Island Travelers, Baldwin, NY
1995 	Uniform Pro's Mice, Northport, NY
1996	Lil Teche, Metaire, LA
1997	University Firestone, Jacksinville, FL
1998	BAJB-Texas Heat, Austin, TX
1999	No Idea, San Antonio, TX
2000	Stewart Glapat, Zanesville, OH
2001	S&S/LeBleu/Lawrence Paint, Belews Creek, NC (East)
2002	Max Magee's Pub, Boothwyn, PA (East)
2003	ASA combined the Women's Class Major, Class- A and Class-B into 1 "open' class
ASA Women's Open Class National Championships
ASA Women's Class-C Slow Pitch Champions
Year	Champion
1987 	P. Brown/Pierce's Sport, Ohio
1988 	Tri-City/Reliable, West, AZ
1989 	Outlaws , Tucson, AZ
1990 	Chicago Title Phillys, Hurst, TX
1991 	San Antonio Cannans, San Antonio, TX
1992 	Griffin, Pembroke Pines, FL
1993 	Trailblazers, Sterling Heights, MI
1994 	Sunbelt Plastics, Macon, GA
1995 	Murphy's Law, Orlando, FL
1996	Baytown Angels, Baytown, TX
1997	San Antonio Magic, San Antonio, TX
1998	Lyle's Wolfpack, Washington
1999	Forsgren, Ft. Smith, AK
2000	Austin Thunder, Austin, TX
2001	Team Xtreme, Puyallup, WA (West)
2002	Waste Energy Technology/Miken Softball, Columbia, KY (East)
2003	Traders, Collierville, TN (East)
2004	Yard Dawgs, Calhoun, GA (East)
2005	C&C Knights, Adell, IA (East)
2006	Diamond Magic, Pittsboro, NC (East)
ASA Women's Slow Pitch Class-D Champions
Year	Champion
1991 	Rohnert Park Pirates, Rohnert Park, CA
1992 	Lock-N-Load, Arroyo Grande, CA
1993 	All Phase Plumbers, Gilroy, CA
1994 	T's Gang, Fort Smith, AR
1995 	Happitime, Cedar Rapids, IA
1996	Shooters, Kent, WA
1997	Blockheads, Fairbanks, AK
1998	Forsgren, Ft. Smith, AR
1999	Drambuie Drillers, Ft. Smith, AR
2000	Stark's Holiday Bar, Warren, OH
2001	Diamond Magic, Pittsboro, NC (East)
2002	Get Dirty, Albuquerque, NM (West)
2003	Carpet Specialists, Riverside, IA (West)
2004	Stingers, Lexington, KY (East)
2005	Lady Outlaws, Jacksonville, FL (East)
2006	Springfield Crush, Springfield, MO (West)
Class Open/B/C/D Eastern/Western National Championships
Open Class (in 2003, ASA combined the Women's Class Major, Class- A and Class-B into 1 "open' class)
2003 East - Shooters, Orlando, FL - Armed Forces, Eglin AFB, FL 		(MVP-Jamie Sheriff, Shooters)
2003 West - Texas Sportz/Miken, San Antonio, TX - Ladies First, Los Angeles, CA (MVP-Shannon Piggott, Texas)
2004 East - Enough Said/Easton, Tallahassee, FL - Shooters, Orlando, FL		(MVP-N/A)
2004 West - Armed Forces, San Antonio, TX - Da Mob, Dallas, TX			(MVP-Tammy Baldwin, Armed Forces)
2005 East - Yard Dawgs, Calhoun, GA - Long Island Tides, E. Northport, NY	(MVP-N/A)
2005 West - OKAKI, Santa Ana, CA - Lady Blue Jays, San Antonio, TX		(MVP-Tamara Silvera, OKAKI)
2006 East - Long Haul/Enough Said, Tallahassee, FL - LI Tides, E. Northport, NY	(MVP-N/A)
2006 West - Armed Forces, USA - Karphone, Hawthorne, CA				(MVP-N/A)
Note: 2005: Okaki Softball, Santa Ana, CA and Lady Blue Jays, San Antonio, TX passed up the West bid,
Hooters National Championship spot taken by 3rd place Armed Forces, USA
2001 East - S & S/Le Bleu/Lawrence Paint, Belews Creek, NC - Jeneane's @ Pinebrook, Macon, GA
2001 West - Texas Heat, Austin, TX - Texas Crush, Highlands, TX
2002 East - Max Magee's Pub, Boothwyn, PA - Made to Order, Chicago, IL
2002 West - Team Xtreme, Seattle, WA - Elbowroom, Missoula, MT
2003 ASA combined the Women's Class Major, Class- A and Class-B into 1 "open' class
2001 East - Murphy's Law, Winter Park, FL - Yard Dawgs, Calhoun, GA
2001 West - Team X-Treme, Seattle, WA - DeCarlow Homes, Ashland, OR
2002 East - Waste Energy Technology/WET/Miken, Columbia, KY - Coors Light, Random Lake, WI
2002 West - Minot Chiropractic, Minot, ND - Big Red, Omaha, NE
2003 East - Traders, Memphis, TN - Black Mountain Chevrolet, Fletcher, NC
2003 West - Lugnuts, Columbia, MO - Nor-Cal Lights Out, Santa Rosa, CA
2004 East - Yard Dawgs, Calhoun, GA - Pea Organizing Services, Pittsboro, NC
2004 West - Chucky's Pride, San Francisco, CA - Sonoma Valley, Santa Rosa, CA
2005 East - Travel America, Grenada, MS - Birmingham Xtreme, Birmingham, AL
2005 West - KVB/Rusty's Last Chance, Oltahe, KS - C&C Knights, Adel, IA
2006 East - Diamond Magic, Pittsboro, NC - Bill Fraley's Wildcats, Lexington, KY
2006 West - ECI/SLI, Olathe, KS - Victors Ideal Hitters, Clive, IA
Note: 2005: KVB/Rusty's Last Chance Oltahe, KS passed up the West bid,
Hooters National Championship spot taken by 2nd place C&C Knights, Adel, IA
2001 East - Diamond Magic, Pittsboro, NC - Mercer Springs, Trenton, NJ
2001 West - Tony's, Dallas, TX - Merchant Express, Santa Rosa, CA
2002 East - USA Team Sports, Severna Park, MD - Fieldcrest Inn Boyne City, MI
2002 West - Get Dirty, Albuquerque, NM - Athletic Supply, Redmond, WA
2003 East - Senunas' Pub, Wilkes Barre, PA - Starks, Warren, OH
2003 West - Carpet Specialists, Riverside, IA - Sonoma Valley, Santa Rosa, CA
2004 East - Stingers, Lexington, KY - B&R Mustangs, London, KY
2004 West - ECI, Topeka, KS - PTK, Kansas City, MO
2005 East - Lady Outlaws, Jacksonville, FL - Fortin Transportation, Westbrook, ME
2005 West - D&A Trucking, Wichita, KS - Rounding Third, Apple Valley, CA
2006 East - Critter Getter, Tallahassee, FL - Bart Company, Mitchell, IN
2006 West - Springfield Crush, Springfield, MO - DBC/Team Combat, Coleman, OK
ASA Women's Industrial Slow Pitch Champions
Year	Class	Champion
1979 	-	Phillip Morris, Richmond, VA
1980 	-	Provident Vets, Chattanooga, TN
1981 	-	Provident Vets, Chattanooga, TN
1982 	-	Provident Vets, Chattanooga, TN
1983 	-	Provident Vets, Chattanooga, TN
1984 	-	Cargill Gold, Mound, MN
1985 	-	Sheriff's Stars, Pensacola, FL
1986 	-	Sheriff's Stars, Pensacola, FL
1987 	-	Provident Vets, Chattanooga, TN
1988 	-	Provident Vets, Chattanooga, TN
1989 	Major	Provident Vets, Chattanooga, TN
	A	Certainteed Lady, Wichita Falls, TX
1990 	Major	Shaw Industries, Dalton, GA
	A	Russell Athletic, Alexander, AL
1991 	Major	TI Express, Dallas, TX
	A	Springhill Heartbeats, Mobile, AL
1992 	Major	Provident, East Ridge, TN
	A	Fleet National Bank, Providence, RI
1993 	Major	Southern Lites, Birmingham, AL
	A	Hutcheson, Ft. Oglethorpe, GA
1994	Major	"Major" class eliminated
	A	Russell Athletic, Alexander City, AL
1995 	A	Springhill Heartbeats, Mobile, AL
1996	A	Denso Manufacturing Maryville, TN
1997	A	Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL
1998	A	Russell Athletic Women, Alexander City, AL
1999	A	Not Held
2000	-	Women's "Industrial" class eliminated

ASA Women's Church Slow Pitch Champions
Year	Class	Champion
1979 	-	Mt. Hermon Methodist, Graham, NC
1980 	-	Rock Creek Methodist, Snow Camp, NC
1981 	-	South Main Baptist, Houston, TX
1982 	-	First Baptist, Tallahassee, FL
1983 	-	First Baptist, Tallahassee, FL
1984 	-	CME Crushettes, Warner Robins, GA
1985 	-	Faith Baptist, Wichita Falls, TX
1986 	-	Rock Creek, Graham, NC
1987 	-	North Cleveland Church Of God, Cleveland, TN
1988 	Major	1st Baptist of  Houston, Houston, TX
	A	1st Baptist, Muskogee, OK
1989 	Major	1st Baptist of  Houston, Houston, TX
	A	1st Baptist Church, Muskogee, OK
1990 	Major	Westside Baptist, Jasper, AL
	A	First Baptist, Muskogee, OK
1991 	Major	1st Baptist Red, Milton, FL
	A	Mount Olive, Cleveland, TN
1992 	Major	Immaculate Conception, Tyler, TX
	A	Hillcrest, Jacksonville, FL
1993 	Major	Hillcrest, Jacksonville, FL
	A	Sharon Baptist, Benton, AR
1994 	Major	Immaculate Conception, Tyler, TX
	A	Our Lady Queen, Wichita Falls, TX
1995 	Major	Salem Baptist, Atlanta, GA
	A	Not Held
1996	Major	North Gadsden Church of God, Gadsden, AL
	A	"A"  class eliminated
1997	Major	North Gadsden Church of God, Gadsden, AL
1998	Major	Calvary Baptist, Augusta, GA
1999	Major	New Testament MBC, Columbus, GA
2000	Major	New Testament MBC, Columbus, GA
2001	Major	Ben Hill United Methodist Church, Atlanta, GA
2002	Major	Not Held
2003	Major	Not Held
2004	Major	Not Held
2005	Major	Not Held
2006	N/A

ASA Women's 35 and Over Slow Pitch Champions
Year	Champion
1994 	Berg & Associates, Mobile, AL
1995 	California Connection, Redwood City, CA
1996	Don's Softball Crew, Dothan, AL
1997	AAA Lettering, Woodland, CA
1998	Quarve Contracting/Senior Ice, Brooklyn Park, MN
1999	Lakerettes, Conneaut Lake, PA
2000	Lakerettes, Conneaut Lake, PA
2001	Lakerettes, Conneaut Lake, PA2002	Lakerettes, Conneaut Lake, PA
2003	Lakerettes, Conneaut Lake, PA
2004	Lakerettes, Conneaut Lake, PA
2005	Yard Dawgs, Calhoun, GA
2006	Déjà vu, Sebring, OH
USSSA Women's Class-A National Slow Pitch Champions
Year	Champion				Runner-up
1988	Huntel Systems, Blair, NE		Construct Penguins, Plantation, FL
	MVP - ???
1989	Virginia Belles, Chesterfield, VA	Pursuit, Midland, TX
	MVP - ???
1990	Green Machine, Richmond, CA		Pro-Mac, Whittier, CA
	MVP - ???
1991	Vernon's, Jacksonville, FL		Pursuit/Coor's, Midland, TX
	MVP - ???
1992	Seattle Express, Reton, WA		Lady Cougers, Orlando, FL
	Paula Christian, Seattle Express
1993	R&R Concrete, Atwater, CA		Team Sports, Downey, FL
	Wonnie Frazier, R&R Concrete
1994	Richmond Rallys, Chesterfield, VA	Connecticut Bombers, East Hartford, CT
	Denise Manual, Richmond Rallys
1995	Wild Thing, Covina, CA			Shooters/Dudley, Orlando, FL
	Joelle Wilkerson, Wild Thing
1996	Uniform Pro Mice, E. Northport, NY	Richmond Rallys, Chesterfield, VA
	Karen Celia, Uniform Pro Mice
1997	University Firestone, Jacksonville, FL	Kohler's Fair Warning, West Providence, RI
	Sue Leddy, University Firestone
1998	Breakout, Austin, TX			Armstrong Lady Rebels, Murpheesboro, TN
	MVP - ???
1999	Dynamite Sports, Dallas, TX		Paul Masses Commotion, Portsmouth, RI
	Deneen Wilson, Dynamite Sports
2000	NTL, Bakersfield, CA			Team Aloe/Cath's Choice, Orlando, FL
	Kay Roberts, NTL
2001	Varsity Graphics, Livonia, MI		Big Azz Girls, Torrance, CA
	Jonelle McKie, Big Azz Girls
2002	Class-A Nationals eliminated
USSSA Women's Class-B Slow Pitch Champions
Year	Champion
1975	Virginia Belles, Richmond, VA
1976	Al's Gals, Louisville, KY
1977	Northside Knights of Columbus, Cincinnati, OH
1978	Pabst Blue Ribbon, Bellevue, KY
1979	Green Machine, Oakland, CA
1980	Tri-State Equipment, Oak Creek, CA
- Regionals only from 1981-1996
1997	Breakout, Austin, TX
1998	Red Dogs, Inkster, MI
1999	Progressive Insurance/Lube Alley, Willoughby, OH
2000	Shiva, San Francisco, CA
2001	Case Construction, Seattle, WA
2002	Whites Service Station, Germantown, NC
2003	Hot Shots, Tampa, FL
2004	White's Service Station, Germantown, NC
2005	AC Auto Body/MTO, Racine, WI
2006	Bags/JH Edwards Realty, Cape Coral, FL

USSSA Women's Class-C Slow Pitch Champions
Year	Champion
- Regionals only from 1984-1996
1997	Creative Design, Willoughby, OH
1998	Base Invaders, Gretna, LA
1999	Custom Truck, Las Vegas, NV
2000	D&A Trucking, Haven, KS
2001	Coors Light, Salina, KS
2002	Bring it On, Huntington Beach, NV
2003	Incognito, Detroit, MI
2004	R&W Marine, Elizabethtown, KY
2005	5150/Worth, Vacaville, CA
2006	Team A.S.S., Fremont, CA

USSSA Women's Class-D Slow Pitch Champions
Year	Champion
- Regionals only from 1989-1997
1998	Big Y/Magnum/Just Roses, West Richland, WA
1999	Landrover, Albuquerque, NM
2000	Allied Brake, Ft. Walton Beach, FL
2001	Latin Soul, Fort Worth, TX
2002	Lady Bombers, West Helena, AR
2003	Got Dirt, Spanaway, WA
2004	Lady Hurricanes, Mobile, AL and Shebangs, Ellicot City, MD (Co-champs)
2005	MS2, Oklahoma City, OK
2006	WTS Softball, Bakersfield, CA

USSSA Women's Corporate Slow Pitch Champions
Year	Champion
1990	Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY
1991	Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY
1992	Fast Food Merchandisers, Forest City, NC
1993	Fast Food Merchandisers, Forest City, NC
1994	Fast Food Merchandisers, Forest City, NC
1995	Tyson Foods Sassy Chicks, Pine Bluff, AR
1996	Nas-Jax, Jacksonville, FL
1997	Kodak Office Imaging, Rochester, NY
1998	Not Held
1999	Local Union 249-10, St Louis, MO
2000	Not Held
2001	Corporate - The Scramblers, Springdale, AR
2002	Corporate - The Scramblers, Springdale, AR
2003	Corporate Divas, Springdale, AR
2004	Not Held
2005	Not Held
2006	Not Held

USSSA Women's Church Slow Pitch Champions
Year	Champion
1986	First Baptist of West Nashville, Nashville, TN
1987	First Baptist of West Nashville, Nashville, TN
1988	First Baptist of West Nashville, Nashville, TN
1989	CME Crushettes, Warner Robins, GA
1990	First Baptist, Houston, TX
1991	CME Crushettes, Warner Robins, GA
1992	Center View Baptist, Maiden, NC
1993	Stovall Baptist, Stovall, NC
1994	Stovall Baptist, Stovall, NC
1995	Stovall Baptist, Stovall, NC
1996	Social Circle 1st Baptist, Social Circle, GA
1997	Faith Fellowship, Griffin, GA
1998	Light of the World, Decatur, GA
1999	Calvary, Shelby, NC
2000	First Corinth, Douglassville, GA
2001	Ben Hill United Methodist Church, Austell, GA
2002	Not Held
2003	Warren Baptist, Martinez, GA
2004	Global Ministries, Jacksonville, FL
2005	Higher Dimensions/Bodyworks, Collage Park, GA
2006	Pleasant Grove Baptist, Shelby, NC

USSSA Women's 35 and over Slow Pitch Champions
Year	Champion
1994	Bret Givens Construction, Inman, KS
1995	Timex/TPS, Jacksonville, FL
1996	Bret Givens Construction, Hutchinson, KS
1997	Bret Givens/Wells Athletic, Hutchinson, KS
1998	NCSM, Cincinnati, OH
1999	GNC/NCSM, Cincinnati, OH and Snap Krackle & Pop, Nashville, TN (Co-Champs)
2000	Rapture, Walterboro, SC
2001	Ty-1-On/AKP, Cincinnati, OH
2002	Rapture, Walterboro, SC
2003	Ty-1-On/AKP, Cincinnati, OH
2004	Ty-1-On/AKP, Cincinnati, OH
2005	Ty-1-On, Cincinnati, OH
2006	Butch's/WLD, Wixom, MI
USSSA Women's 45 and over Slow Pitch Champions
Year	Champion
2002	Golden Girls, Vienna, VA
2003	VA Golden Girls, Fairfax, VA
2004	Don's Fillies, Pekin, IN
2005	Ohio Redbirds, Cincinnati, OH
2006	Kentucky Fillies, Louisville, KY

USSSA Women's 50 and over Slow Pitch Champions
Year	Champion
1998	Tennessee Thunder, Kingsport, TN
1999	Golden Girls 50+, Burke, VA
2000	Ohio Cardinals, Cincinnati, OH
2001	Ohio Cardinals 50's, Cincinnati, OH
2002	Ohio Cardinals, Cincinnati, OH
2003	Ohio Cardinals, Cincinnati, OH
2004	Touch of Class, Portland, TN
2005	Maryland Roadrunners, MD
2006	Touch of Class, Portland, TN

USSSA Women's 55 and over Slow Pitch Champions
Year	Champion
1998	Florida Spirit, Inverness, FL
1999	Florida Spirit, Inverness, FL
2000	Califirnia Spirit, Irvine, CA
2001	Ohio Cardinals 55's, Germantown, OH
2002	California Express, San Francisco, CA
2003	Michigan Medical Miracles, Royal Oak, MI
2004	California Spirit 55, Indio, CA
2005	Ohio Redbirds, Cincinnati, OH
2006	Missouri Flashback, Wright City, MO
USSSA Women's 60 and over Slow Pitch Champions
Year	Champion
1998	Golden Girls, Georgia
1999	Golden Girls 60+, Great Falls, VA
2000	Golden Girls 60+, Purcellville, VA
2001	Golden Girls, Vienna, VA
2002	Ohio Cardinals, Dayton, OH
2003	North Charleston Primetimers, Charleston, SC
2004	Suncoast Seniors, Largo, FL
2005	California Spirit, Indio, CA
2006	Suncoast Seniors, Clearwater, FL
USSSA Women's 65 and over Slow Pitch Champions
Year	Champion
2000	Cajun Belles, Baton Rouge, LA
2001	Freedom Spirit of Florida, Largo, FL
2002	Senior Stars, Mt. Juliet, TN
2003	Tennessee Senior Stars, Mt. Juliet, TN
2004	Tennessee Senior Stars, Mt. Juliet, TN
2005	Tennessee Senior Stars, Mt. Juliet, TN
2006	Tennessee Senior Stars, Mt. Juliet, TN
USSSA Women's 70 and over Slow Pitch Champions
Year	Champion
2004	Tucson Rancherettes, Tucson, AZ
2005	Tucson Rancherettes, Tucson, AZ
2006	Tucson Rancherettes, Tucson, AZ
ISA Women's National Tournament Champions 
Year	Class	Champion
1991	AAA	Vernon's, Jacksonville, FL
	AA	Jammer's, FL
	A	Top Gun, FL
1992	-	?
1993	-	?
1994	-	?
1995	A	Doc's/TPS, Jacksonville, FL
1996	B	Snuggery Bar & Grill, W. Palm Beach, FL
	C	Hank's, GA
	D	Top Gun, FL
1997	B	Elite, Marietta, GA
	C	Hotshots, Tampa, FL
	D	Dockmasters, Orange Park, FL
1998	A/B	Armstrong Lady Rebels, Murphessboro, TN
	C	Stardust, Cummings, GA
	D	Top Gun, Tamassee, SC
1999	B	Players
	C	Lady Misfits
	D	Lady Cruisers, Granada, MS
2000	Major	Hot Shots, Tampa, FL
	Comp.	Lady Cruisers, Granada, MS
	Rec.	TSC/Farragot Eye, Lenoir City, TN
2001	Major	Brooks Bend, Springdale, AL
	Comp.	Ondeo/Nalco, Brandon, MS
	Rec.	Team Xtreme, Dixon, TN
2002	Major	Yard Dogs, Calhoun, GA
	Comp.	Dixie Darlings, Fayetteville, GA
	Rec.	Lady Rebels, Macon, GA
2003	Major	Armstrong Ceiling Lady Rebels, Murfreesboro, TN
	Comp.	Ondeo Nalco, Brandon, MS
	Rec.	Lady Thunder, White Bluff, TN
2004	Comp.	Sports Med, Gurley, AL
	Rec.	Georgia Peaches, Garden City, GA
2005	Comp.	Long Haul/Enough Said/Easton, Tallahassee, FL
	Rec.	Lady Thunder, White Bluff, TN
2006	Comp	Macken Plumbing Excel, Rochester, MN
	Rec.	Cherokee Brick, Macon, GA
NSA Women's National Tournament Champions 
Year	Class	Champion
1989	-	Whiz Kids, Belleview, IL
1990	-	?
1991	B	Jim's Barbeque
	C	Lady Spirits, NC
	D	Lady Bo Jacks
1992	-	?
1993	B	Sunline Wildcats
	C	Lady Mustangs, TN
	D	Don's, FL
1994	-	?
1995	-	?
1996	-	?
1997	-	?
1998	Rec.	Black Mountain Chevrolet, Black Mountain, NC (East)
	B	Soop's, Edwards, MS (South)
	C	Custom Truck, NV (West)
	D	Lady Cruisers (South)
	D	Angove CPA, WA (West)
1999	Comp.	Tequila Crème, Illinios (North)
	Comp.	Tom Boyz (East)
	Rec.	Clancy's Pub, Pittsburgh, PA (North)
	Rec.	Class Act (East)
2000	Open	Nice Carpet
	C	Tomboys, Birmingham, AL (East)
	D	Class Act, Birmingham, AL (East)
2001	Open	Awards and More
	Rec.	Momentum (West)
	B/C/D	Brooks (Southwest)
	C	Stewart Glapat, Zanesville, OH (North)
	C/D	Stray Cats (West)
	D	Med Plus (South)
	D	Hussey Copper, Kentucky (North)
2002	Open	Diamond Girls
	B/C	Hilton Panama City (East)
	C	R&W Marine, Paducah, KY (North)
	D	Bud Light, Carpentersville, IL (North)
	D	Lady Rebels (East)
	D	Carolina Cardinals (South)
2003	Comp.	Rapture, Walterboro, SC (East)
	Rec.	Black Mountain Chevrolet, Black Mountain, NC (East)
	C	Shannon Fence, Mentor, OH (North)
	C	Bad Influence, AZ (West)
	D	Flyers, Ohio (North)
	D	Playaza Club, OR (West)
	E	Bab's, WA (West)
2004	Comp.	Competitive's Edge, Smithfield, NC (East)
	Rec.	Showtyme, Salem, VA (East)
	C	Lakers, Louisville, KY (North)
	C	Yard Dogs (South)
	C	Custom Truck, Las Vegas, NV (West)
	D	Ohio Northern Transit, Cleveland, OH (North)
	D	31 Club Street, George, UT (West)
	E	Bad Habits, Phoenix, AZ (West)
2005	A	St Louis Heat, St. Louis, MO (North)
	C	Buffalo Trace, Waddy, KY (North)
	C	Team WRV, Virginia Beach, VA (East)
	C	Angove Softball, Olympia, WA (West)
	D	A-1 Geneva Storage, Austinburg, OH (North)
	D	Double Play, Lakeview, NC (East)
	D	Team Innovative, Seattle, WA (West)
	E	The Chittakahs, Tucson, AZ (West)
2006	C	Low Bob's/Fraley's Wildcats, Lexington, KY (North/North Central)
	D	Pic-Nic's, Parma, OH (North/North Central)
	C	RMS Girls, Phoenix, AZ (West)
	D	Fury, Albuquerque, NM (West)
	E	Bells Construction, Aurora, OR (West)
SSAA Women's World Series
Year	Class	Champion
1985	-	Singer, Goldsboro, NC
1986	C	Butler's Heat & Air Conditioning, NC
	D	Jamestown, NC
1987	C	Rick's Restaurant, NC
	D	Eddie's A's, NC
1988	-	Not Held
1989	-	Not Held
1990	-	Not Held
1991	-	Not Held
1992	-	Not Held
1993	-	Not Held
1994	B	Johnson's Blazers, Johnson, SC
	C	On-Sat, Shelby, NC
1995	-	Not Held
1996	-	Not Held
1997	A	Satin Thrillers, Raleigh, NC
1998	D	Specialty, Knoxville, TN
	E	Lane's Excavating, Kodak, TN
1999	D	Hot Rod, Oak Ridge, TN
	E	Med Plus, Florence, AL
2000	D	Southern Stars, Soddy Daisy, TN
	E	Bob's Feed, Crossville, TN
2001	A	Ruff Riders, Greenville, NC
2002	C	Goldsboro Van & Storage, Goldsboro, NC
	D	Native Angels, Rowland, NC
2003	C	Powerade, Wilmington, NC
	D	Native Angels, Lumberton, NC
2004	Comp	Blankenship Electric, Linthieum, MD
	Rec	Universal PPH, Richmond, VA
2005	Comp	?
	Rec	?
2006	-	Avengers, Petersburg, VA
WSL Women's North American Championships
Year	Class	Champion
2003 	-	Armstrong Rebels, Murfreesboro, TN
2004 	Upper	Da Mob, Grand Prairie, TX
 	Lower	Tharaldson Enterprises, Fargo, ND
2005 	Upper	Long Haul/Enough Said, Tallahassee, FL
 	Lower	Bryant Express, Bryant, AR
2006	Upper	Not Held
	Lower	Hilton of PCB, Panama City, FL
SSWC Women's Senior's National Tournament Champions 
Year	Class	Champion
1998	50+	2nd Wind, Costa Mesa, CA
1999	45+r	Capital Area Classics, Michigan
	54+	Queen Bees, Arizona
2000	45+	2nd Wind, Costa Mesa, CA
	55+	California Spirit Majors, Irvine, CA
2001	45+	Showtime 2000, San Pablo, CA
	50+	Michigan Medical Miracles, Royal Oak, MI
	55+	Silver Belles, Nevada
2002	40+	Showtime, San Pablo, CA
	45+	Tucson Classics, Tucson, AZ
	55+	Calif. Spirit Majors, Costa Mesa, CA
	60+	Queen Bees, Apache Junction, AZ
2003	40+	Showtime, San Pablo, CA
	50+	Tucson Classics, Tucson, AZ
	55+	Michigan Medical Miracles, Royal Oak, MI
2004	40+	Saints 40's, Arizona
	50+	Spirit, Costa Mesa, CA
	55+	Spirit, Costa Mesa, CA
2005	40+	Bad Catz, NV
	50+	Great Lakers, MI
	55+	Capital Area Classics, MI
	60+	Silver Gloves, NM
2006	40+	Team Works, VA
	50+	Ladies Choice, CA
	55+	Capital Area Classics, MI
	60+	Sportaculars Canada 60+, Fonhill, ON, Canada
	65+	Sportaculars Canada 65+, Fonhill, ON, Canada
ISSA Women's 50 /Older National Tournament Champions
Year	Champion
1995	Golden Girls, Burke, VA
1996	Golden Girls, Burke, VA
1997	Golden Girls, Burke, VA
1998	Golden Girls, Burke, VA
1999	Golden Girls, Burke, VA
2000	Golden Girls 50+, Annandale, VA
2001	Golden Girls 50+, Annandale, VA
2002	Golden Girls 50+, Annandale, VA
2003	Golden Girls 50+, Annandale, VA
2004	N/A
2005	N/A
2006	N/A
SSWS Women's Senior's National Tournament Champions 
Year	Class	Champion
1999	50+ Maj	Ohio Cardinals, Cincinnati, OH
	50+ Min	Capitol Area Classics, Michigan
	50+ Rec	Lady Texans, Texas
	55+	California Spirit Majors, Irvine CA
2000	45+	2nd Wind, Costa Mesa, CA
	55+	California Spirit Majors, Irvine, CA
2001	50+	?
2002	50+ Maj	West Michigan Storm, Michigan
	50+ AAA	2nd Wind, Costa Mesa, CA
	55+	Michigan Medical Miracles, Royal Oak, MI
2003	50+ Maj	West Michigan Storm, Michigan
	55+ Maj	California Spirit Majors, Irvine, CA
	55+ AAA	Ohio Cardinals, Cincinnati, OH
	60+ Maj	Queen Bees, Apache Junction, AZ
2004	50+	West Michigan Storm, Michigan
	55+ Maj	Silver Saints, Arizona
	55+ AAA	Ohio Cardinals, Cincinnati, OH
2005	50+	?
	55+ Maj	Ohio Red Birds, Cincinnati, OH
2006	50+	No Limits, NV
	55+	California Express, CA
	60+	Las Vegas Neons, NV
SPA Women's Senior's National Tournament Champions 
Year	Class	Champion
2002	50+	Tennessee Thunder, Kingsport, TN
	55+ 	Lady Texans, Texas
2003	50+	?
2004	50+	?
2005	50+	Golden Girls 50+, VA
	55+	Golden Girls 50+, Burke, VA
	60+	Golden Girls 50+, VA
	65+	Golden Girls 50+, VA
2006	-	?
ISF Women's Senior's World Cup 
Year	Class	Champion
2004	Open	Golden Girls 55, Annandale, VA
2005	40+/45+	Focus, Laurel, MD
	55+/60+	Golden Girls 55's, Burke, VA
2006	40+	Team Works, Manassas, VA
	55+	Capital Area Classic, Brighton, MI
	60+	Suncoast Seniors, Clearwater, FL
HWSG Huntsmen Women's Senior's National Champions 
Year	Class		Champion
2001	50+		Great Lakers, Flint/Detroit, MI
	55+ Major	California Spirit Majors, Irvine, CA
	55+ Minor	Salt Chuckers, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2002	50+ Major	Renegades, Southern California
	50+ Minor	Vegas, Las Vegas NV
	55+		California Spirit Majors, Irvine CA
	60+		Queen Bees, Mesa AZ
2003	50+ Major	Renegades, Southern California
	50+ Minor	Kids @ Heart, Stockton, CA
	55+ Major	California Spirit, Irvine CA
	55+ Minor 	California Express, Irvine CA
	60+		Queen Bees, Mesa AZ
2004	50+ Major-A	California Spirit 50's, Los Angeles, CA
	50+ Minor-B	California Rockers, Oakland, CA
	55+ Minor-A	Arizona Sunsets, Glendale, AZ
	60+		Colorado Hot Flashes, Colorado Springs, CO
	65+		Sportaculars, Whitby, ON, Canada
	60+		Queen Bees, Mesa AZ
2005	50+ Major	Aches & Pains, Stockton, CA
	50+ Minor	Utaz BB, Provo, UT
	55+ Major	California Spirits, Orange County, CA
	55+ Minor	Sin City Diamond Divas, Las Vegas, NV
	60+ Major	Salt Chuckers, Vancouver, BC, Canada
	60+ Minor	Las Vegas Desert Neons, Las Vegas, NV
	65+ 		Sportaculars Canada 65’s, Fonthill, ON, Canada
2006	50+ A		Maryland Road Runners, Rockville, MD
	50+ B		Loose Ends, Vancouver, BC, Canada
	55+ A		Kentucky Fillies 55+, Louisville, KY
	55+ B		Golden Girls 55+, Vienna, VA
	60+ A		Salt Chuckers, Vancouver, BC, Canada
	60+ B		Suncoast Seniors, Clearwater, FL
	65+		Sportaculars Canada 65+, Fonhill, ON, Canada
NSGA National Senior Games Association Women's Senior's Olympics 
Year	Class	Champions
1999	50+	California’s Most Wanted, California
	55+	American Legends, California
	60+	Golden Girls 60+, Vienna, VA
	65+	Colorado Peaches, Colorado
2001	50+	Ohio Cardinals, Cincinnati, OH
	55+	California Spirit Majors, Irvine, CA
	60+	Colorado Hot Flashes, Colorado
2003	50+	Ohio Cardinals, Cincinnati, OH
	55+	California Spirit Majors, Irvine, CA
	60+	Golden Girls, Vienna, VA
	65+	Freedom Spirits of Florida, Largo, FL
	70+	Michigan Mavericks, Michigan
2005	50+	Road Runners, MD
	55+	California Spirit, Indio, CA
	60+	Arizona Rancherettes, AZ
	65+	N/A
	70+	N/A
LVSSA Las Vegas World Masters Championship ResultsYear	Class		Champion
2003	50+		Tucson Classics, Tucson, AZ
	55+ 		Michigan Medical Miracles, Royal Oak, MI
2004	50+ 		Ohio Cardinals, Cincinnati, OH
	55+ 		Senior Unlimited, Michigan
	60+		California Spirit 60's, Irvine CA
	65+		Sportaculars CA 65, CA
2005	40+ 		Silver Foxes, CA
	50+ 		No Limits, NV
	55+ 		California Spirits, CA
	60+		Neons, NV
	65+		Sportaculars CA 65, CA
2006	40+		Tharaldson Enterprises, Fargo, ND
	50+		No Limits, NV
	55+		Cin-Day Cardinals
	60+		Salt Chuckers, Vancouver, BC, Canada
	65+		B.C. Swingers
USSSA Women's Black American World Series Champions
Year	Class	Champion
1993	-	Harambee, Detroit, MI
1994	-	Aero Battery, Cincinnati, OH (Sandy Mader-MVP)
1995	-	Aero Battery, Cincinnati, OH (Sandy Mader-MVP)
1996	-	Aero Battery, Cincinnati, OH
1997	-	Soop's, Edwards, MS
1998	-	Lady Zapp, Atlanta, GA
1999	-	Soops & Porters Insurance, Edwards, MS
2000	-	Ladies First, Carson, CA
2001	-	Soops & Porters Insurance, Edwards, MS
2002	-	Dynamite Sports, Dallas, TX
2003	Comp	Enough Said/Black Magic/Miken, Tallahassee, FL
	Rec	Lady Titans, Carrollton, TX
2004	Comp	Enough Said/Easton, Tallahassee, FL
	Rec	WLS, Roxboro, NC
2005	Comp	Long Haul/Enough Said/Easton, Tallahassee, FL
	Rec	Carolina Strokers, Raleigh, NC
2006	Comp	Long Haul/Enough Said/Easton/Tanel, Tallahassee, FL
	Rec	WPJM Allstars, Greer, SC

USSSA Women's Hispanic World Series Champion
Year	Class	Champion
1998	-	B&N, San Antonio, TX
1999 	-	Southern California Rampage, California
2000	-	Unknowns, San Antonio, TX
2001	-	Unknowns, San Antonio, TX
2002	-	KMA, San Antonio, TX
2003	-	Unknowns/Carpet Masters, San Antonio, TX
2004	-	Unknowns/Carpet Masters, San Antonio, TX
2005	Comp	Carpet Masters/Unknowns, San Antonio, TX
	Rec	Just Us, El Paso, TX
2006	-	Floorworks Unknowns, San Antonio, TX 

USSSA Women's Native American World Series Champion
Year	Champion
2000	All Nations Natives, Tacoma, WA
2001	All Nations Natives, Salem, OR
2002	Not Held
2003	N/A

ASA Coed Slow Pitch Champions

Year	Class	Champion
1982 	-	C.E. Zumstein, Englewood, OH
1983 	-	Microlights, Coon Rapids, MN
1984 	-	Video Box Office, Coon Rapids, MN
1985 	-	Green Oak Cannons, San Antonio, TX_
1986 	-	Lab Petroleum, San Antonio, TX
1987 	-	San Antonio Cannan's, San Antonio, TX
1988 	-	South Florida Softball Club, Hollywood, FL
1989 	-	Braves, Jacksonville, FL
1990	-	Steffe's Sports, Celestine, IN
1991 	Major	South Florida Softball Club, Hollywood, FL
	A	Chick's Crew, Ardmore, OK
1992 	Major	Lewis Drywall, Orlando, FL
	A	Tharaldson's, Fargo, ND
1993 	Major	Hoody's/TPS, Portland, OR
	A	David Fong's, Bloomington, MN
1994 	Major	Action Awards/TPS, Atlanta, GA
	A	Performance Plus, Golden, CO
1995 	Major	Stars, Jacksonville, FL
	A	Heathley's/TPS, Villa Hills, KY
1996	Major	Spaghetti Station, Spokane, WA
	A	Evansville Blue Crew, Evansville, IN
1997	Major	Herb's Softball Club, LaHabra, CA
	A	Busch Road Warriors, Valley Park, MO
1998	Major	Dan Smith Plastering, Spokane, WA
	A	Hooters/TPS/CRO, South St. Paul, MN
1999	Major	Fresh Pak, Spokane, WA
	A	War Ducks, Houston, TX
2000	Major	A2 Demarini, Phoenix, AZ
	A	Advance Door, Cleveland, OH
2001	Major	CSC/Hardliners, Euless, TX
	A	4J Boys, Bowie, MD
2002	Major	Johnny's Saloon, Rochester, MN
	A	Advanced Door, Parma, OH
2003	Major	NYPD Hardliners, Arlington, TX
	A	Yard Sharks/DSS Bats, Roseville, CA
2004	Major	McNair, Cadiz, KY
	A	Hiyamoto, San Francisco, CA
2005	Major	Advanced Door, Cleveland, OH
	A	Bath & Kitchen, Wilmington, DE
	B	Beamers/Easton/, Stamford, CT
2006	Major	Jades, Tacoma, WA
	A	Bennigans, Sanford, FL
	B	AIM, Orangevale, CA
USSSA Mixed Slow Pitch Champions
Year	Class	Champion
1987	-	Washington Limousine Spirits, Cincinnati, OH
1988	-	San Antonio Cannans, San Antonio, TX
1989	-	Double Tyme, Akron, OH
1990	-	Action Awards, Atlanta, GA
1991	-	Action Awards, Atlanta, GA
1992	-	Tremont Express, Gaithersburg, MD
1993	A/B	Liberty Park/Primerica, Farmington Hills, MI
	C/D	Dirt Bags, Salina, KS
1994	A/B	Action Awards/TPS, Atlanta, GA
	C/D	G. R. Diecraft, Grand Rapids, MI
1995	A	Arizona Chuckwagon, Phoenix,  AZ
	B	Just Us, Corona, CA
	C	Hooters, Saint Paul, MN
	D	No De, Hemet, CA
1996	A	Action Awards/Star/TPS, Atlanta, GA
	B	Schooners Body Shop, Burnsville, MN
	C	ACA/TC Wolfpack, Wichita, KS
	D	BMF, Irving, TX
1997	A	Sierra/Illusions/TPS, Reno, NV
	B	ACA/TC Wolfpack, Wichita, KS
	C	Y Not U, Sunnyvale, CA
	D	Excel Softball Club, Royal Oak, MI
1998	A	Coors Lt/Mt. Dew/Pizza Hut, Astenville, NC
	B	Hoodat, Forth Worth, TX
	C	Rookies, Escondido, CA
	D	Rug Rats/Pfizer, Huntsville, AL
	Church	Christian Faith, New Fields, NH
1999	A	Coors Lt/Mt. Dew/Pizza Hut, Astenville, NC
	B	A Better Idea, Bowie, MD
	C	Gonga Graphics, Belleville, MI
	D	Drill Masters, Bennington, VT
	Church	Barington Evangelical, Epping, NH
	Corp.	Got Dirt, Spanaway, WA
2000	A	Busch Road Warriors, Valley Park, MD
	B	Karphone, Los Angeles, CA
	C	Rage, Bedford, TX
	D	Hammond's/Ryder, Cincinnati, OH
2001	A	Big Lake Land & Boulder Company, Blooming Prairie, MN
	B	Buch's, Trenton, MI
	C	A Plus Alarm, Maumelle, AR
	D	Strictly Business, Bearden, AR
2002	A	Skills Club/Ultimate Force, McDonough, GA
	B	P-N-P Sluggers, Bowie, MD
	C	Yard Sharks/Miken, Roseville, CA
	D	It's All About Me, Freemont, CA
2003	A	Pizza Hut/Hinson's, Eden, NC
	B	Blankenship Electric, Linthicum, MD
	C	A Plus Graphics, Maumelle, AR
	D	Braves & Babes, N. Palm Springs, CA
2004	A	Ultimate Force, College Park, GA
	B	Rumrz/Eat A Burger, Salt Lake City, UT
	C	Kaw Valley Bank/Sidewinders, Olathe, KS
	D	Resouvoir Dogs/Miken, Michigan
2005	A/B	Barnes Loggin, West Helena, AR
	C	A-Game, Las Vegas, NV
	D	L&W Trailers, Lovejoy, GA
2006	A	Fantasy Gifts, Andover, MN
	B	Pena's DBC, Davenport, IA
	C	Arni's Prime Players, Indianapolis, IN
	D-East	Dented Bats, Mooresville, IN
	D-West	Beat Down, Tulsa, OK
ISA Coed National Tournament Champions 
Year	Class	Champion
1991	Comp.	Vernon's, Jacksonville, FL
	Rec	Bandit's, FL
1992	-	?
1993	-	?
1994	-	?
1995	A/B	Action Awards, Snellville, GA
	C	Jerry's, Milton, FL
	D	Pioneer Computer, GA
1996	A/B	Jerry's, Milton, FL
	C	Ruby Tuesday's, AL
	D	HTS Groover, GA
1997	A/B	Bryant Logging, Calhoun, GA
	C	Alabama Mattress, Birmingham, AL
	D	Gators Engineering, Mt. Pleasant, TN
1998	A/B	Bryant Logging, Calhoun, GA
	C	Master Electric, Birmingham, AL
	D	Pfizer, Huntsville, AL
1999	A/B	Jerry's, Milton, FL
	C/D	Pfizer, Huntsville, AL
2000	Comp.	Coors Light/TPS, Eden, NC
	Rec.	Pete & Shorty's Softball, Clearwater, FL
2001	-	Brakin Lawn Care, Dotham, AL
2002	Comp.	Tailgators, Orlando, FL
	Rec.	Budweiser/Van Easley/Krug Ford/Metro Glass, Michigan
2003	Comp.	?
	Rec.	?
2004	Comp.	?
	Rec.	?
2005	Comp.	Ultimate Force, College Park, GA
	Rec.	Express, SC
2006	Comp.	?
	Rec	?
NSA Coed National Tournament Champions 
Year	Class	Champion
1989	-	Marauders, Belleville, IL
1990	-	?
1991	Comp	Hoochies
	Rec	Athletics
1992	-	?
1993	Comp	Jim's Auto Service, FL
	Rec	Sulphur Springs, TN
1994	-	?
1995	-	?
1996	-	?
1997	-	?
1998	Comp.	Pizza Hut/Mountain Dew, Astenville, NC (East)
	Rec	Telewire Supply (East)
	Rec	Rick's Lawn Care (North)
	B	One Cryo/WA State, WA (west)
	C	Career Blazers (West)
	D	Hitting Impressions (West)
	E	M&N Plastics, OR (West)
1999	Comp.	no info available
	Rec.	Rick's Lawn Care, Ohio (North)
2000	C	Bum Wraps, CA (West)
	D	AEI Music, WA (West)
	E 	Team Xtreme, CA (West)
2001	Comp.	Extreme (East)
	Rec	DSI/Demolition (East)
	C	Advanced Door, Parma, OH (North)
	C	Dirty Dozen (South)
	C 	Rookies/Worth, CA (West)
	D	Dog House Saloon, Michigan (North)
	D 	Yardsharks, CA (West)
	E	NAPA II, Ohio (North)
	E 	M&N Plastics, OR (West)
2002	Open	Advanced Door, Parma, OH (North)
	C	Hallmark Homes, Indiana (North)
	C 	Johnny on the Spot, CA (West)
	D	Rick's Lawn Care, Ohio (North)
	D 	Hi-Corp Steel, OR (West)
	E	Al Hart Construction, Owosso, MI (North)
	E 	Valley Merchant, NV (West)
2003	C	Prime Players, Indianapolis, IN (North)
	C 	Perfect Strangers, AZ (West)
	D	Baker's Dozen, Wyoming, MI (North)
	D 	Garcia's Crew, AZ (West)
	E	Carnapolis, Indianapolis, IN (North)
	E 	Hart's Hero's, WA (West)
2004	Comp	Ultimate Bat Bags/Softball Magazine, FL (East)
	Rec	Bio-Cat, Charlottesville, VA (East)
	C	Freelancers, St. Louis, MO  (North)
	C	Nemesis (South)
	D	Survivors, Indianapolis, IN (North)
	D 	La Familia, CA (West)
	E	Coyotes, Sparta, MI (North)
	E 	Hackers (West)
2005	C	Mix-it-up, Suitland, MD (East)
	C	World Truck, OH (Central)
	C	RugBugs, Sacramento, CA (West)
	D	Tino Apparel, Waldorf, MD (East)
	D	Coyotes, Sparta, MI (Central)
	D	Team Mayhem, CA (West)
	E	Orange Crush, Manassas, VA (East)
	E	Xplicit/Post & Beam, Cleveland, OH (Central),
	E	Point Blank Hosers, Bakersfield, CA (West)
2006	C	Hub City/L&J, KY (Central)
	D	Happy Endings, Naperville, IL (Central)
	E	Down & Dirty, KY (Central)
	D	Roundtree Softball., Ann Arbor, MI (North)
	C	Watts, TN (Southeast)
	C	Energy Link, Bakersfield, CA (West)
	D	Underdogs, Clovis, CA (West)
	E	Team Toxic, WA (West)
SSAA Coed World Series
Year	Class	Champion
1993	-	Greenfield Transmissions, Wilmington, NC
1994	Comp.	Double OO's, Columbia, SC
	Rec.	Johnson Express, North Augusta, SC
1995	-	Angels & Friends, Columbia, SC
1996	-	Twins Convenient Mart, Maxton, NC
1997	Open	Alvin's Gym, Savannah, GA
	Comp.	Raleigh Thrillers, Raleigh, NC
	Rec.	Murphy's Law, Richmond, VA
1998	-	Copper's Landscape, Wagram, NC
1999	-	J&T Masonry, Holly Ridge, NC
2000	-	Lawrence Paint, Winston-Salem, NC
2001	Comp.	Code Red/Energy Mizer, Eden, NC
	Rec.	All Star Movers, Fairfax, NJ
2002	Open	Angels and Friends, Columbia, SC
	Comp.	Cheerwine, Wilmington, NC
	Rec	Rock & Rob, Fairmont, NC
2003	Comp. 	Team Miken, Washington, D.C.
	Rec.	Universal PPH, Richmond, VA
	C	E.C. Connections, Charlotte, NC
	D	Da No Names, Warsaw, NC
2004	Comp. 	Blankenship Electric, Linthieum, MD
	Rec.	Universal PPH, Richmond, VA
2005	Comp-C 	Cedar Creek, Fayetteville, NC
	Rec-D	Triple X, Rowland, NC	2006	Comp	Lets Do It, Durham, NC
	C	San Man Softball, Linthicum, MD
	D	Bricklayers, Kenansville, NC
WSL Coed North American Championships
Year	Class	Champion
2005	Upper	Geico Insurance
	Lower	South Walton Chiropractic
2006	-	Not Held

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northern lights womens softball league

Northern Lights Women’s Softball League is a member of the Amateur Sports Alliance of North America.
The Northern Lights Women’s Softball League was created by women, for women, and is governed by women. We were founded in four basic principles:

1. Women committed to and promoting softball.

2. To provide lesbians an opportunity to play softball in a comfortable, friendly, and safe environment.

3. To provide networking for lifelong friendships.

4. To enhance lesbian pride and commitment through the support of other lesbians.

Northern Lights Women’s Softball League is open to ALL women – regardless of age, ability or sexual preference.

This league was established in 1987, and is currently one of the largest independent women’s lesbian softball leagues in North America. In 2010, we have 20 teams competing in four divisions:

1. Division 1 (A, B, and high C)
2. Division 2 (C and high D)
3. Division 3 (D)
4. Division 4 (D and beginners)

Our league runs from late April through August, on Sundays during the late afternoon and evening, at Taft Park in Richfield, MN.

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